[Webinar] Improve your supplier invoice management


Many organizations are facing the time-consuming habits of searching for invoices, chasing approvals, coding invoices and correcting data. With manual processes being the norm, it’s virtually impossible for employees to spend time doing what really matters—their job!

34% of AP professionals admit their company does not process all supplier invoices in a timely manner. –Vanson Bourne*
(*)The Essential Guide to Managing Supplier Invoices

Without efficient processes in place, this has the potential to significantly slow your workforce down and prolong the overall payment process.

Lucky, you can have an efficient solution for your supplier invoices without the overhead in functionality and long term deployment time.

Please join our Live Webinar and learn how to:

Reduce costs:
-Avoiding late fees
-Early pay discounts
-Eliminating duplicate invoices
-Better vendor terms

Improve time management:
-Optimizing AP functions
-Reducing invoice cycle time

Get insight and visibility in all your employee spend:
-Combined expense and supplier invoice management

When: June 14th at 9:30AM to 10:00 (CEST)

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[Webinar] Improve your supplier invoice management

June 14th 9:30 (CET)