Concur Audit: Company Expense Policy and Compliance

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Take control of your company's expense policies and ensure employees are compliant

Insights that help you take control of your company's expense policies

When an company expense claim is submitted, you need  to be confident that claims are accurate and expenses align with company policy. Although vital, this process can take up a lot of valuable time and resources. Concur Audit works in sync with Concur Expense to verify company expense claims and receipts for you – to not only take the pressure off your business, but also save you time and help with policy compliance.

How does Concur Audit work?

Concur Audit helps your company conduct tax checks against the VAT amount calculated within the system. Plus, our range of tax partners can assist you in reclaiming VAT that might otherwise be lost.

  • Define your audit process based on the level of support you need.
  • Choose the volume that’s right for your business – remember 100 percent audit leads to 100 percent compliance.
  • Trained and certified auditors conduct each audit based on best practices and your company policies.
  • The audit process is designed to provide details of any exceptions back to the claimant.
  • Use your exception report to identify and address areas of frequent non-compliance.
Download the brochure to learn how Concur Audit can uncover business insight that helps you take control of your expense process from start to finish.