TMCs are adapting to provide direction

The way companies think about getting from A to B has changed completely, and this evolution is only beginning. So, as you begin to book trips and schedule out-of-town-not-over-video meetings, you’ll want as many insights and as much experience as you can get. As they’ve always done, businesses and travel managers are turning to travel management companies (TMCs) for help finding the answers, and what they’re finding is that collaboration is just as valuable as information. The way companies and TMCs work together, in other words, is shifting just as much as business travel.

Take it to your TMC

  • Get crystal clear insight into the current reality
  • Get guidance on getting the right people on the table
  • Get on-call service to support an automated experience
  • Get ahead of unused tickets
  • Get an accurate look at your new travel footprint
  • Get advice on how to adapt your process and policies

SAP Concur solutions are instrumental in giving TMCs and business travelers innovative online booking tools (OBTs), surrounded by an entire ecosystem of apps designed to meet the changing needs of an always-evolving category.

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