Sustainable business travel

Build sustainability into your travel program and equip employees with tools to achieve sustainability goals.

Sustainable policies can be good for the environment and for business

As businesses rethink and rebuild their travel programs for a post-pandemic world, it’s a perfect time for travel managers to establish new practices and metrics that embrace sustainability, safety, and convenience. Get the eBook and learn five tips for adding sustainability to your travel program.

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Assess the sustainability of your existing travel program

Before you can build sustainability practices into your travel program, you need to know where your business is today. That’s why we’ve created a tool to help you assess your corporate travel sustainability and see how your business compares to others in your industry and region.

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See how your sustainability efforts compare with others

Research taken place in 2020, explores trends, opinions and approaches to achieving more sustainable travel. Download the full report and see how your approach to sustainability compares to thousands of travel decision makers and travelers who shared insights including:

  • Why sustainability matters to travel decision-makers
  • How business travelers think about sustainable travel
  • The business value of sustainable travel policies
  • Barriers to overcome and incentives to drive progress

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The importance to sustainability to business travelers

As business travel resumes, sustainability is top of mind for many travelers. From prioritizing fuel-efficient flights to electric ground transportation to opting for virtual meetings, travelers are rethinking travel habits and looking at travel through a sustainability lens. A recent report found that: 

  • 97% of corporate travelers would increase journey time if it significantly reduced environmental impact 
  • 80% of business travelers are more inclined to work for an organization with a sustainability policy 
  • 69% of travel managers have updated travel policies or guidelines to have a greater focus on sustainability

Tips for sustainable travel

See how SAP Concur can increase sustainability for your business

Can corporate travel reboot its sustainability drive?

As corporate travel continues its comeback post-Covid, sustainability performance is under scrutiny once more. But, with business poorly resourced and budgets feeling the pinch, can under-pressure decision-makers identify the barriers and prioritise improvements?

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Is sustainability a priority in the current climate?

As face-to-face meetings and the international events circuit spring back to life, corporate travel is on the rise again. In the rush to recover lost business revenues, however, will sustainability be seen as an essential ticket to success, or simply an add-on?

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On the road to sustainability?

The existing menu of e-mobility options runs from buses and boats, to e-bikes and maybe e-boards. Future green-sky thinking includes electric aeroplanes and hybrid airships. So, is there still a place at the table for the fading star of corporate travel, the car?

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