Let employees book their own travel, at the best possible rates, and within spending policies

Hit the road with confidence when you have Concur Travel

We’ve been in the travel and expense (T&E) industry for decades. In that time, we’ve seen the tremendous value that every organisation sees when they automate their travel programme. The entire travel process becomes easier, more efficient, and more accurate. There’s also a significant increase in policy compliance, and employees love being able to use a consumer-like mobile app.

10 benefits of Concur Travel

Create a travel and expense “super system” for your business

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On its own, Concur Travel is an industry-leading travel platform and an investment you’ll never regret. When you combine it with Concur Expense, you create a total spending solution that includes a consolidated view of spending data, travel bookings that automatically populate expense reports, and the ability to reimburse employees faster.

Bring T&E together

Managing travel efficiently is just the beginning
What you can doConcur TravelManual Processes
Manage business travel
Use a mobile-friendly, cloud-based tool
Improve compliance and reduce fraud
Book directly with suppliers
Customise settings based on needs
Protect data with industry-leading security
Use the latest AI technology

Companies of all sizes benefit from Concur Travel

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Discover how SES revolutionized their travel and expense processes with SAP Concur's innovative solutions. SES employees now effortlessly manage travel and expense reporting, boosting efficiency and productivity.
Delve into how New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) streamlined expense management with SAP Concur solutions. Explore how NYUAD optimized its processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in expense reporting.
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Explore Grundfos' journey to streamlined expense management with SAP Concur solutions. Discover how Grundfos optimized their processes, saving time and enhancing accuracy in expense reporting.

Take your travel experience even further

Investing in Concur Travel isn’t just our software. You also get immediate access to our extensive network of travel suppliers, which can give your employees freedom to book the travel experiences they want on their own.  

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The best is getting better with the new Concur Travel  platform

We’ve been hard at work updating our travel platform to better address our customers’ needs. In addition to a redesigned user interface that has fewer screens, users will experience more engaging imagery and improved product descriptions, sustainability and carbon emissions information at the time of booking, and a consistent experience across devices and platforms. 

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