Why Employee Experience Matters

Every business wants to provide a winning experience for their customers - one that drives sales and growth. But what's often overlooked is the degree to which employee happiness drives the quality of customers experiences. According to Forrester research and Gallup study, companies creating exceptional employee experiences have engaged workers who are empowered to do their best work resulting: - 17% higher productivity

- 21% higher profitability

- 4.3x increase in earnings per share

- 81% higher customer satisfaction

The question is, how can you create an exceptional experience for employees?  The answer is by looking beyond salaries and job titles to focus on easing the burdens of onerous processes that distract employees from  meaningful work - such as travel, expense, and invoice management. 

In the recent Forrester study, travel and expense management, along with accounts payable automation tools and benefit software, is considered most critical tools to enable good EX.

Download the latest SAP Concur Employee Experience white paper to learn how you can help your employees do their best work - and see a positive impact on your bottom line.